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Dharmveer Diliprao Rahate Shikshan Va Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, Mehkar's
Smt. Sindhutai Jadhao Arts and Science Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana
(Formerly known as Arts and Science Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana)
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra
(Re-accredited by NAAC in 2023 and Awarded Grade B+ with CGPA 2.68)

Department of ECONOMICS



Programme Specific Outcomes of Economics
 Understanding how different degrees of competition in a market affect pricing and output.
 Understanding the efficiency and equity implications of market interference, including government policy.
 Developing research knowledge in economics.
 Developing the skill of data collection & use of sampling techniques in research.
 Developing the knowledge about theories of economic growth & Development and issues of economic planning.
 Creating awareness about changing macro-economic policies and theories.
Course Outcomes of Economics
B.A. I Microeconomics
Nature and scope of microeconomics
Law of Demand and Law of supply and its implications in life
The importance of theory of profit and interest and its practicality
B.A-II Banks and Financial Institutions
 Understanding the meaning, function and role of commercial banking.
 Comprehending the procedure of an account opening, operating and closing.
 Knowing the structure, function and role of RBI in economic development.
 Judging the progress of financial inclusion.
 Evaluating the importance, characteristics and components of the financial Market.
 Understanding the role and types of development banks and Non banking financial intermediaries.
 Realizing the banking reforms and Basel norms-I and II.
 Identifying recent trends in Indian Banking such as E- Banking, MICR Clearing, ATMs, Credit cards and Debit Cards, Travelers Cheques, Gift Cheques, Demat Account.
Macro Economics
 Identifying the basic concepts and theories of Macro economics.
 Awareness about changing macro economics policies and theories.
 Understanding various concepts such as; GDP, GNP NNP, Personal Income, Disposable Income, Per Capita Income, and National Income.
 Identifying the factors determining gross domestic product, employment, the general level of prices, and interest rates.
 Realizing the law of markets, consumption function and investment function.
 Judging the role of fiscal policy and monetary policy in a Developing economy.
 Knowing features, phases and theories of trade cycles.
 Evaluating types, merits and demerits of taxes.
 Comprehending the role of public finance in developing economy.
B.A III Indian Economy
 Understanding characteristics, features, structural changes in Indian Economy.
 Comprehension of the nature and impact of New Economic Reforms on the Indian Economy.
 Knowing the problems of unemployment, poverty, rising economic and social inequality and problems of regional imbalances in India.
 Evaluating the changing role of agriculture, industrial and service sector and foreign sector in Indian Economy.
 Measuring the problems and prospects of cottage and small scale industries, and industrial sicknesses.
 Measuring the growth, volume, composition and direction of India’s foreign trade and capital inflow since 1991.


Online Activities 

1.   HoD Dr. Santosh Kute, attended the webinar organised by Shri Shivaji Science & Arts College, Chikhli Dist-Buldana  on “COVID -19 Effect on Indian Economy" as an Inaugurator and addressed the webinar. ( Brochure/ Webinar Link)


Syllabus (Click on the following Link)

(Implemented from 2018-2019 Session)

Paper Pattern (Sem-I to Sem VI)

Syllabus ECO BA-I Sem-I

Syllabus ECO BA-I Sem-II

Syllabus ECO BA-II Sem-III

Syllabus ECO BA-II Sem-IV

Syllabus ECO BA-III Sem-V

Syllabus ECO BA-III Sem-VI

Syllabus ECO BA-II Annual

Syllabus ECO BA-III Annual

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