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Dharmveer Diliprao Rahate Shikshan Va Bahu-Uddeshiya Society, Mehkar

Smt. Sindhutai Jadhao Arts & Science Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar (443301)

Dist. Buldana (M.S) (Affiliated to Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati)

National Career Service

About NCS

National Career Service is a Five Year Mission Mode Project launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 20th July, 2015. 

The project is being implemented by the Directorate General of Employment, Ministry of Labour & Employment. 

National Career Service (NCS) is a one-stop solution that provides a wide array of employment and career related services to the citizens of India. 

It works towards bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers, candidates seeking training and career guidance, agencies providing training and career counselling.

As part of the NCS outreach activities, they are collaborating with MoHRD/AISHE to register final year students of universities/ colleges/ technical institutions on the NCS portal ( 

With reference to the communication sent by AISHE, it is requested to register  final year students studying in our College on NCS portal as Jobseekers to access the various career related services available on the portal. 

The registration of the students done using NCS functionalities especially developed for the colleges/institutions for real-time registration of  students on NCS

List of Students Registered

Sr Name Class NCS ID
1 MANISHA BHIKAJI PANAD B.A. III Year  J15A69-1341082496145
2 SHALINI BHARAT WANKHEDE B.A. III Year  J15A69-1534426743966
3 POOJA MADAN INGOLE B.A. III Year J15A69-1431187512161
4 ARUNA  DATTA  KALE B.A. III Year J15A69-1451267620023
5 POOJA PRADIP AMBHORE B.A. III Year J15A69-1456562865608
6 NANDINI SAMADHAN WANKHADE B.A. III Year J15A69-1508093734486
7 POOJA PARMESHWAR HADE B.A. III Year J15A69-1512094646416
8 LAXMI SANDESH AMBHORE B.A. III Year J15A69-1516104050757
9 KOMAL PRASAD SONTAKKE B.A. III Year J15A69-1519492531259
10 DURGA NAMDEO KALE B.A. III Year J15A69-1529076951910
11 MOKSHADA PANJABRAO AMBEKAR B.A. III Year J15A69-1549379049580
12 KAJAL KISHOR DEBAJE B.A. III Year J15A69-1555019957006
13 PRIYANKA PRAMOD KUTE B.A. III Year J15A69-1559310485741
14 ASHWINI SADASHIV SONUNE B.A. III Year J15A69-1603249479673
15 GAYTRI SUKHADEO JUMDE B.A. III Year J15A69-1607191326039
16 RUKSANA HASAN GAURAVE B.A. III Year J15A75-1514088641115
17 JAYSHREE DATTATRAY KHOKLE B.A. III Year J15A75-1647271423166
18 KALYANI SUNILRAO DESHMUKH B.A. III Year J15A75-1654259684893
19 PALLAVI MADHUKAR JADHAV B.A. III Year J15A75-1700439211746
20 KOMAL RAMESH PARMESHWAR B.A. III Year J15A75-1706311799511
21 MAHJABEEN QADIRI MB RIYAZ B.A. III Year J15A75-1711584147675
22 ASHVINI MUKINDA KHOKLE B.A. III Year J15A75-1716560303387
23 SHILPA GAJANAN DHONDGE B.A. III Year J15A75-1724333967252
24 POOJA GAJANAN PANKHEDE B.A. III Year J15A85-1053230540356
25 MAYURI SUBHASH NAWLE B.A. III Year J15A85-1057128094833
26 SANTOSHI RAJU RATHOD B.A. III Year J15A85-1101025203055
27 ARTI GAJANAN CHAVAN B.A. III Year J15A85-1106031608464
28 DIPALI MAHADA GUNJKAR B.A. III Year J15A86-1540224138538
29 DIPIKA SANJAY SHARMA B.A. III Year J15B56-1500080858254
30 PRIYA SUDHAKAR WANKHEDE B.A. III Year J15B56-1509226451879
31 AARTI SANJAY JADHAO B.A. III Year J15B56-1521146926078
32 PORNIMA SHESHRAO MISAL B.A. III Year J15B56-1531396702821
33 KOMAL RAU BIBEKAR B.A. III Year J15B56-1534597202832
34 NIVEDITA RATAN GAIKWAD B.A. III Year J15B60-1012204210895
35 Shailesh kamaldas Aade B.Sc. III Year  J15A68-0924562651290
36 Shanti rajmalji rathod B.Sc. III Year  J15A69-0915418153658
37 Firdous Mo Yaqoob Shaikh  B.Sc. III Year  J15A69-0928258971230
38 Komal Santosh Warkari B.Sc. III Year  J15A69-1037470326892
39 Aliya parveen shaikh mohsin B.Sc. III Year  J15A69-1132403339292
40 Ganesh Bhaskar Bhute B.Sc. III Year  J15A68-1310105555404
41 Mayur Subhash Saste B.Sc. III Year J15A67-1747432349507
42 Shubham Nagorao Mawal  B.Sc. III Year J15A67-1909528807327
43 Lav Sanjay Kale B.Sc. III Year J15A67-1919453615706
44 Rushikesh Kashinath Lambe B.Sc. III Year J15A67-1928272458275
45 Laxman  Sambhaji Badarkhe B.Sc. III Year J15A68-0930084467893
46 Manoj Dattatrya Nikam B.Sc. III Year J15A68-0937026834843
47 Ashwini Motiram Dhage B.Sc. III Year J15A68-0940564494050
48 Ajay Janardhan Late B.Sc. III Year J15A68-1258419165682
49 Kamesh Rajesh Bardekar B.Sc. III Year J15A68-1428300209188
50 Harshal prakash patil B.Sc. III Year J15A68-1548235987430
51 Yogesh Suresh Dhondge B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0912265105103
52 Amruta Sunil Walse B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0918300368583
53 Nagesh purushottam gaykwad B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0921595015906
54 Nishigandha vasant khule B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0925322432642
55 Tahura nishat md Saiful Islam ansari B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0934153837643
56 Uzma Sadaf Abdul Alim B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0941365381093
57 Suraj Anil Kalbande B.Sc. III Year J15A69-0945059453978
58 Snehal Madhav Shejul B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1020580734360
59 Shrikrushna kharwandakr B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1025071914095
60 Ku vaishnavi vinayakrao bodkhe B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1029325185700
61 Vitthal ganesh shingane B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1033203624381
62 shamal panjabrao tanpure B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1049245563718
63 Dipali bhaskar raut B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1121570083538
64 shubhangi dattatray metangale B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1125358806918
65 Santosh Shyam Dhole B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1128463947885
66 Vaibhav Shivprasad Miskin B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1136131044304
67 Rucha Arun Adhao B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1314285856841
68 Rashmi vitthal kale  B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1319240305120
69 Priti Tejrao Bobade B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1324554935904
70 Shital prabhakar payghan B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1328308992784
71 Vaibhav Sitaram Garad.  B.Sc. III Year J15A69-1419310564855
72 Nikita Gajanan kale. B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1025176955427
73 Rajani Sunil jadhao B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1030449991762
74 Rushikesh Ramesh Dawange B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1038172974949
75 Shubham Ashok Ingle B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1043192714490
76 Rushikesh prakash padre  B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1047019759475
77 Vaibhav Arun Nikam B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1051328782496
78 Shubhangi Vijay Bodhankar B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1057014836491
79 Bondre Pratiksha Rajuappa B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1102063317691
80 Chandane Kajal Kishor B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1106030343112
81 Chukewar Pranali Vilas B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1113162333644
82 Nikam Mayuri Prashant B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1354504799550
83 Wagh Aarti Dattatray B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1411488928989
84 Ingale Swati Datta B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1415509431114
85 Pasarte Ashwini Ramesh B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1422440187114
86 Hiwale Ashwini Atmaram B.Sc. III Year J15A70-1427075240493
87 Pendor Kajal Shankar B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1343368792993
88 Nikas Mangesh Ganesh B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1348206227891
89 Pawar  Sagar Bandu B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1353165718911
90 Saraf Poonam Vijay B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1401180519560
91 Futankar Vaishanvi Raju B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1404441554281
92 Awachar Pallavi Pralhad B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1408420122212
93 Jadhao Mahesh Sanjay B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1413056712137
94 Mandalkar Pooja Santosh B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1418547482568
95 Pawar Asha Vishwanath B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1427582628886
96 Rathod Bharti Premsing B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1432411334019
97 Thakare Subhash Devanand B.Sc. III Year J15A71-1436446423471
98 Wagh Achal Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1014081961035
99 Ambhore Nikasha Vitthalrao B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1521388336145
100 Bodake Pallavi Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1527098287802
101 Gadekar Manisha Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1544492368108
102 Kale Sakshi Madan B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1555283646887
103 Kharate Sandhya Pralhad B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1601155358719
104 Lohiya Shweta Purushottam B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1605509456060
105 Mawal Ashwini Vinod B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1611036325360
106 More Poonam Vishwas B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1617056231151
107 Tangade Ashwini Anantrao B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1622164140754
108 Thorat Pooja Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1627592565992
109 Wankhede Mayuri Shatrughna B.Sc. III Year J15A75-1637327682877
110 Wankhede Pooja Sudhakar B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1000203706143
111 Bajad Mahesh Pundlik B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1048068876026
112 Burkhande Nikita Onkarappa B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1051363284842
113 Narwade Sarla Bhagwan B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1056346671112
114 Pawar Ashwini Vilas B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1102415606916
115 Nikam Arati Rajesh B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1107140364769
116 Ingle Vandana Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1112112362783
117 Raut Shubham Bhaskar B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1116511741699
118 Neha Sadaf Naeem Shah B.Sc. III Year J15A80-1121165419893
119 Wathore Laxmi Dnyanba B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1109585536013
120 Mosambe Shivani Ganesh B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1135412574880
121 Ghorpade Pratibha Madhao B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1139498018149
122 Dengale Ashwini Vijay B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1146565956226
123 Burkhande Bharti Mohan B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1151028991088
124 Bhadadmkar Madhuri Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A85-1156416903629
125 Kale Aarti Gajanan B.Sc. III Year J15A86-1533045827400
126 Ingole Pallavi Madhukar B.Sc. III Year J15B56-1416429239484
127 Ingole Priti Yadav B.Sc. III Year J15B56-1429526941068
128 Mule Neha Vishnu B.Sc. III Year J15B56-1450463811964
129 Nawale Maya Ashok B.Sc. III Year J15B56-1454448094123
130 Suradkar Jyoti Prakash B.Sc. III Year J15B58-1420293336810

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