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Dharmveer Diliprao Rahate Shikshan Va Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, Mehkar's
Smt. Sindhutai Jadhao Arts and Science Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana
(Formerly known as Arts and Science Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana)
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra
(Re-accredited by NAAC in 2023 and Awarded Grade B+ with CGPA 2.68)

Department of SOCIOLOGY


Dept. of Sociology


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About us: Year of Establishment: 1997
HOD: Dr. Meghraj Ramhari Shinde
Objective: Getting maximum result for all classes every year.
Features: Innovative research work. Concentration on lowering dropout percentage. Encouraging more publication by the faculty in leading journals and books. Conducting seminar and workshop in the department. Creating scholar and research culture and aptitude in Sociology among Students.
Organising Study tour by the department. Completing Syllabus through regular (and Extra if needed) Classes. Constitution of Students’ Study Circle. Organisation of Guest Lectures. Group Discussion.


B.A. SOCIOLOGY - Program Specific Outcomes:
a) Acquaintance with social transactions, social relations, social formations, social control, social values and culture.
b) Knowing the significance of social institution, caste system, religion, nationalism, integrity, equality and justice.
c) Getting the knowledge of the works of social reformers all over the nation.
d) Ability to follow new stream of thoughts and theories of social thinkers.
e) Getting the deep knowledge about various social groups like tribal community, women bulk etc.
f) Ability to deal with research in sociology.
BA I-SEM-I: Introduction to Sociology
Fundamentals of sociology enables the student to understands the basics of Sociology.
Enhanced basic needs and social complexities speedy life enhances the importance of Social Sciences
Correlation between other social sciences
Scientific study of Structural functional approach and dialectical approach
Definitions characteristics and importance of Basic concepts, Society, community, group.
Status and role of social institutions , Social values , Social norms and Social Control .
BA I-SEM-II: Introduction to Sociology
Individual and society, culture and Socialization
Concept of Family and Marriage
Introduction to Social movement
Social Stratification and Social Change
BA II-SEM-III: Indian Social Problem
Nature of Social Problems and types
Approach towards Social Problem
Family Problem : Dowry, Divorce and Violence against women
Impact of Population Explosion
Problems of Rural India: Migration, Unemployment, Farmer Suicide
Drugs addiction and Cures
BA II-SEM-IV: Indian Social Problem
Definition and Nature of Corruption and ill impact.
Terrorism : Objects, Historical Background, Law
White Collar Crime
Indian Schedule Caste and Tribes
Challenges of Urbanization
Slum, Crime, Juvenile delinquency
Social riots, Intolerance and Racism  
BA III-SEM-V: Social Anthropology
Meaning, Nature and Emergence of Social Anthropology
Methods of Social Anthropology
Indian Tribal Society: Characteristics, Classification
Tribal Religion: Role and Impact of Magic
Tribal Economy: Classification and Concept
BA III-SEM-V: Social Anthropology
Tribal Marriage System: Tradition and Problems
Tribal Family: Nature, function and lineage
Tribal totem , Needs of youth
Social Problems in Indian Tribes : Illiteracy, Poverty, Debt Settlements and inflation
Tribal Development: Policies and Challenges

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