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Dharmveer Diliprao Rahate Shikshan Va Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, Mehkar's
Smt. Sindhutai Jadhao Arts and Science Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana
(Formerly known as Arts and Science Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar, Dist. Buldhana)
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra
(Re-accredited by NAAC in 2023 and Awarded Grade B+ with CGPA 2.68)

Department of HISTORY

Dept. of  HISTORY

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B.A. History
Program Specific Outcomes:
1. History unables the students about the development of human imaginative power .
2. It arouses feelings of patriot, self patriot and pride
3. History enhances outlook of students
4. Increases the roots of civilization in the mindset of students
5. Helps to build social responsibility, leadership and overall development
6. Develop instill moral values among the students
7. It develops courage, audacity, fearlessness, adventure and patience
8. It helps in competitive examinations
9. It develops an idea of existing and historic political, social, economical and cultural backgrounds
BA I-SEM-I History of India from earliest time 1205 AD
  1. Recognition of ancient Indian histories literature and physical means
  2. The study of Haddapan civilization  helps to inculcate the interest in civic town planning and Vedic immense knowledge pool.
  3. Comprehension of Philosophy of Jain and Budha Religion helps to inculcate patience, good behavior , equality, character building and peace lovingness among the students .
  4. Human welfare schemes of Samrat Ashoka helped to harness liberal view
  5. Spirituality and self belief and respect inculcated in the students .
  6.  Public interest and welfare schemes of Gupa edge helped to understand the modern day public administration.
  7. The study of world famous varsity ‘ Nalanda’ inculcated the interest in education and reading.
B.A I SEM-II (History of India from earliest time 1206-1525 AD)
1. Emergence of Sultanshahi from the darkness of Slavery helped to harness self confidence in the students. The study of Mohd. Tughalak harnessed commercial management.
2. Addiction to bad habits leads a powerful person to face weakness , it enhanced precariousness in students
3. The most powerful empires couldn’t stand without public support this helped to harnessed democratic behavior
4.The study of Sufi  and Bhakti movement helped to create religious harmony
5. The paper helped to create a universal vision and ideal citizen  
B.A. II SEM –III (History of India from 1526-1756 AD)
1. The study of water resource management in the Mughal era helped to tackle modern day water crisis.
2. The study of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji helped to inculcate bravery, courage, audacity, self control and the equality among the students. It also helped to understand the necessity of government and governance with social welfare vision.
3. The Maratha Freedom war helped in harnessing the inspiration and freedom fighter ultimately wins is impregnated .
B.A. II SEM-IV (History of India from 1757-1947 AD)
1.The study of Lord Doullhoussi and Lord Welassley harnessed prognostication, diplomacy, ambition.
2. Lord Corniwalis’s Land Revenue System encouraged the ambition to be always ready to safeguard our national interest.
3. Modern education system initiated by British empire helped to build a sense of social responsibility and developmental vision.
4. The Gandhian thoughts impacted the vision of students and inculcated the importance of sattyagrah and non violence.    
B.A. III SEM-V History of Modern World From 1780-1920 AD
1. The students should have an integrated view of the process of change in the society, Economy and Civilization in the contest of Political Development.
B.A. III SEM-V History of Modern World From 1921-1965 AD
1. The students should have an integrated view of the process of change in the Society, Economy and civilization in the contest of Political Development.
2. Nationalism and formation of INC

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